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What can we build a fence from?

Feb 17

Traditional materials for the construction of fences and various fences are wood or metal. Brick and stone fences are the most durable and prestigious, but they are expensive. In addition, their construction with your own hands is not at all easy, so they prefer materials that are easier to process.

Types of wooden fences

Wood is a classic and very cheap material, which cannot be called more durable. It is very susceptible to rotting and the damaging effects of sunlight, so these fences often need to be replaced or repaired. However, it also allows you to create various design solutions using national or historical motifs.

Examples of original wooden fences:

  • The wicker fence from the branches, also called a fence (in Ukraine - tyn) - is a beautiful, but fragile option in a rustic style. It is woven from flexible young branches of a vine, willow or hazel tree.

One of many varieties of wattle

Trick! To make the fence look neater, the bark is removed from them, while it is better to start weaving soon after cutting the branches so that they do not lose their flexibility.

The bamboo fence is a fairly strong structure that will become both the protection and decoration of your site. The stems are difficult to cut or break, they are water repellent and do not fear rot. The simplest type of bamboo fence consists of a few trunks tied together with galvanized wire. Another option - finished bamboo panels, characterized by increased strength. They are attached to predefined positions. The third type is a bamboo roll barrier, which is more flexible and easy to install.

Simple bamboo fence

A post fence. An example you can see in the photo below. This option is also called the "ranch", as in the past the fences of this type were used in the construction of the enclosures. The posts are fixed to sturdy pillars with nails or wires, and the whole structure is carefully painted to protect it against corrosion;

He proved

Trick! Before use, the posts are impregnated with protective compounds against rot and microorganisms in order to prolong their life.

The traditional paling is a fence made of semi-circular or round pickets pointed upwards. To keep the palisade uniform, the pickets are fixed together by horizontal bars. Such a fence can be used not only to separate the territory, but also to surround flower beds or divide the site into several zones.

Types of metal fences

Metal is visibly more difficult to process, but it provides much greater durability of the fence. It is also possible to make different types of fences, which differ in practical and decorative properties.

The most popular types of metal fences:

A corrugated fence - a common version, but not the most original. Terraces do not have special decorative properties, so they are often combined with various materials: brick or stone plinth, concrete columns, etc. not easy

Fence from the profiled sheet with brick pillars

A much more original version is the French fence in wrought iron grids. Such fences are called transparent, since they leave a sufficiently large distance between the galvanized rods with polymer coating. The openwork design does not allow you to isolate the territory, but at the same time the fence protects well from penetration. The standard height is close to three meters, reliable fasteners are resistant to shocks. This simple, reliable and aesthetic solution has become particularly widespread in Europe; French fence

Aluminum fence. In addition to galvanized iron, aluminum is also used as a fence material. It is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and perfectly treatable. Being a fairly light metal, it does not require strong supports, which improves the decorative properties of the fence. Dozens of different grids are made of aluminum and can decorate any room. Patterns can be made in the medieval or Gothic style, openwork weaves create real metal masterpieces.

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