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Beach Barrier: What is a Pool Privacy Fence?

Feb 2

A pool fence is a fence that can surround an entire swimming pool. Or, it can provide a separation between one part of the pool and another area on or off your property. Sometimes the pool privacy fence serves as a house fence or privacy fence that surrounds your entire backyard or patio. Many pool owners feel they need more privacy from their neighbors when enjoying outdoor activities. A pool fence can serve as a privacy fence in the yard. It can be used as a barrier for your children or your pets.

As this beach barrier system is also used to protect the dunes, it can also reduce debris that might enter your pool. Help protect your family and extend the life of your pool filter. Just like a regular house fence that wraps around your garden, pool privacy fences can come in different materials and price ranges.

Regular Pool Privacy Fence Options

One option for a private pool fence is a chain link fence. A chain link fence provides functionality. However, it's not the most attractive option, and doesn't offer much privacy. Another option is a standard metal pool fence. Metal pool fences offer great resistance and can give a decorative look to your garden. Metal fences give you no privacy. If you look at ordinary privacy fence options. You will often be presented with a wooden privacy fence. But the problem with many cheap wooden privacy fences.

Unique Pool Privacy Fence Ideas

Build a pool privacy fence in a vertical to horizontal orientation. These fences also work great for above ground pool privacy fencing. Pool protection fences can incorporate many types of infill materials.

If you have a nice pool or already have one, your fence should only enhance the look of your backyard. Don't take away from the beauty and serenity of your backyard oasis.

How to Build a Pool Privacy Fence

Proper planning is important when building a private pool fence. It can help you save money and ensure your fence is exactly what you want. A good thing to consider is the height of your fence. Whether it's 4, 6, or 8 feet, you want to make sure it provides enough privacy.

Many states have guidelines that require self-closing gates for your pool fence. Be sure to check your state's rules when building your fence. Another important decision will be choosing the infill for your fence…Wood, metal, glass, bamboo or vinyl are a few options.

It is also important to consider whether the fence is:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable for all weather conditions

Luckily, we have a DIY privacy fence kit that can help. Build a fence with our unique U-shaped fence frame system. You are not limited to traditional fence materials.

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